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  • by Krisztina Mendonca

So What Are The Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms?


Pretty powerful name for a plant, don’t you think? And a very powerful mushroom it is!

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Is referred to as “the gift of God” and it is a great source of vitamins and minerals. This powerful adaptogen may support the immune system and it may also nourish the skin, support gut health, provide an antioxidant boost and may also have energising effects, what a bonus.

Immunity is such a hot topic and for good reason, we need it to feel good, stay healthy and fight off illness. But what a better way to get it in a such a natural and non-toxic way than through ingesting in Chaga Mushrooms.

The protective immune function qualities of Chaga come from the rich fibre and essential nutrients, including vitamin D, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and calcium. The beta-glucans found in the chaga mushrooms help balance and support your immune system.

Chaga Mushroom

This incredibly powerful antioxidant rich adaptogen, may assist your body to heal from the inside out and fight off infection. Also, stimulating the white blood cells, which are essential for fighting harmful bacteria or viruses, also believed to alleviate arthritis.

Chaga is just loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. It can help fight fatigue also and give you that little boost of energy in your day to get the job done. This makes it a perfect travel companion, helping you have energy and immunity while out of your regular routine.

In summary, Chaga mushroom has immense power to heal, strengthen, and support the immune system. As it is rich in beta-glucans (the carbohydrates, found in the cells of the fungus, which support healthy immune function). Therefore, the higher the beta glucans, the higher the immunity boosting qualities.

The all-round BODYGUARD!

Our Chaga Mushroom is available in powder and capsule form.

Chaga Mushroom Capsules


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