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Article: Adaptogens for Mental Health

Adaptogens for Mental Health

Adaptogens for Mental Health

Yes, you read right, these beautiful botanical treasures provide proven support for mental health and brain boosting properties.

In today’s ever-changing world, we are constantly bombarded with emotional, environmental and physical stress. You might be worried about a big work presentation, feeling exhausted from dealing with the in-laws or honestly on the edge from just forgetting the blueberries from the grocery store.

The main ability of these ancient herbs is to assist with bringing your body back into balance, hence adapting to these stressors.

The reason these herbs are so beneficial for your body, is that when you are constantly operating in the fight or flight response, the body does not have time to repair itself.

This is when we get burnout, experience adrenaline fatigue, weight gain, and mood swings. None of these things make us feel any good and it means that we begin to suffer both mentally and physically. This not only affects us but the people around us too.

But there are a few small ways you can transform your day by adding some rituals that are simple, and most times, be very effective.

Deep Breathing helps you come back to the present. Taking some big deep breathes or even setting an alarm for 5 minutes, so you take that time to just reset the chaos that is happening in your mind or in your day, in that moment.

Also adding our top 6 adaptogens (listed below), that can either be taken when you are feeling stressed, or as a preventative, incorporating them into your daily routine, will mean you balancing your body to not be as reactive to stress and anxiety throughout the day.

1. Ashwagandha

2. Reishi

3. Rhodiola rosea

4. Schisandra

5. Siberian ginseng

6. Holy basil (Tulsi)

My true belief and this does come from personal, first-hand experience of having severe mental health issues during pregnancy and post-partum, is that Adaptogens have a place in every, single person’s pantry.

These natural super herbs and super mushrooms are worth exploring and adding to your day to give the power of ancient healing a try and see if it works for you.

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