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Article: Kick start your morning with Thrive

Kick start your morning with Thrive

Kick start your morning with Thrive

Are you looking for some healthy fats, beauty mushrooms and a plant-based alternative to add to your coffee, hot drinks, baking and cereals?

Look no further because we have got you covered with the Thrive Natural Keto Creamer from Tonika. Our Thrive keto creamer combines coconut MCTs with coconut milk powder and tremella mushroom. Creating a delicious natural blend to add to your coffee, hot drink, tea, smoothies, breakfast, and baked goods.

This combination of healthy fats is perfect to boost your morning black coffee or water. Assisting in a longer-lasting fasting period and supporting your gut in the process.

All-natural, dairy-free, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, paleo, adaptogenic, low in carbs and sugar, containing only the good stuff!

This Creamer is just so versatile and literally has 4 ingredients in it!

  • GoMCT Oil Powder
  • Coconut Milk Powder
  • Tremella Mushroom Extract
  • Sunflower Lecithin

We have added NO sugar and therefore it good for the whole family and can be used to make Coconut Milk at home and stored in the fridge to be enjoyed when you can’t get to the shops.

It is Keto friendly which means you won’t break a fast by adding it to your black coffee in the morning, but what it will do is support your gut and the healthy fats will actually make you feel full for longer. Sometimes a black coffee on an empty stomach in the morning, or anytime of the day can reap havoc on your intestine wall but this way it is supported and will provide a smoother way to ingest your beverage.

MCT Oil is also known to help slow release the caffeine in your body and therefore by adding this to your coffee, you won’t experience the crash a few hours later from the original caffeine hit.

In summary, this incredible Creamer, provides a great way to promote weight loss, provide you with extra energy and boost your heart and support your gut health.

It is an all-round super hero!

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