The Power Within You - Cordyceps

  • by Michele Scarce

Cordyceps is a wonderful little fungus and while this information may not be for the faint hearted it traditionally grows by overtaking the larvae of insects and using their bodies as its growing medium!


If that's a little too much to handle you'll be please to know that most commercially available Cordyceps these days is grown on things like rice and soy with no insects harmed in the process.


But what does it do for us?


Have you ever heard of ATP? Well without getting too sciencey, ATP is our energy molecule, driving thousands of body processes including our performance capabilities.


Cordyceps has shown to increase ATP, improving exercise capability and tolerance to high intensity exercise in as little as three weeks!


While on the topic of performance, Cordyceps really harnesses the power within with enhancement benefits extending to boosting strength, improving memory, reducing fatigue and even boosting sex drive!


In regards to general health, Cordyceps has also shown beneficial effects on blood sugar modulation purportedly able to mimic insulin and support type 2 diabetes.


Research has also shown promise for cardiovascular health with beneficial shifts in cholesterol readings reducing harmful LDL and triglyceride levels and boosting beneficial HDL being seen in mice studies.


And finally in this toxic world where just about everything we touch turns to inflammation… Cordyceps also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect shown to down regulate common inflammatory blood markers.


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