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“I am so passionate about raising awareness and inspiring people to add Functional Foods and Ancient herbs into their daily lives. To make these ingredients, accessible, taste delicious and make you feel a little more amazing each, and every day”.


Michele Scarce began her Journey with Tonika in 2020 and diving into the world of Adaptogens, Tonic herbs and Nootropics, and she wants to share her love and knowledge of these incredible life-changing ingredients with the world.


After having a baby girl and her body, mind and life changing so dramatically; the lack of sleep and looking for that basic addition to the day to give you that pep in your step – she found the most special ingredients that have supported her, and she now wants to share this knowledge to help others feel amazing too.


Her friends began to ask her for advice around specific symptoms they had and body issues they were feeling and if there was anything she could help with.


It became obvious that these ancient herbal remedies have been around for 1000’s of years for good reason, they work!  Entering her 40’s herself, Michele had tried so many remedies and trend products in the past, but this world of Adaptogens was the one that stuck and ignited a fire in her belly so strong and undeniable.


From adding Lions Mane to her morning coffee and Ashwagandha to her ‘sleepy’ tea at night truly changed her life and it was time to share those findings with the world, in hope that more people would have the same life-changing affects from these blends.


Michele develops and creates these unique formulas to bring the addition of Adaptogens, Nootropics and Tonic Herbs, as an easy ritual for your day. The team at Tonika love the products so much, we are pretty sure that we continue to make these products to feed our own addiction, as well as share them with YOU.


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1 Comment

  • Very excited to place my first order, your products sound amazing with these healthy life changing Ingredients. I saw you have a discount code I can add on check out but I can’t find it now, if possible can you share please ?

    Lynelle King on

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