Let Your Creativity Flow

  • by Michele Scarce

Giving yourself permission to be silly and this will nourish your creativity and is such a good exercise in letting go.


I feel like these days we can just take life way too seriously.  Do we buy a house? How much debt is too much debt? Do we go back to work? How much work is too much work when we have kids that need us? How long can you run until you burn yourself out? If we are not in alignment with ourselves, then how do we even know if we are making the right decisions for our highest good, right now?

‘Sometimes we just need to let it all go and be just flat out silly’.


If we look at our own children or the children around us, all that silliness is part of their nature. Their grasp of humour is instinctual, and even the smallest, most ridiculous jokes end up in leg slapping laughter.


Unfortunately, as we age, this innate ability to see the value of silliness in the small things can diminish. Work takes precedence over play, and we have less incentive to exercise our imaginative minds by focusing on what is truly funny. When we remember childhood, we may recall the pleasures of dressing up, role playing for hours, making up strange games, or just being silly. This unabashed silliness nourished our vitality and creativity. But we too, as older versions can give ourselves permission to be silly and let the worries of the world fall beside us. Let go of some dignity and any underlying fear and embrace the ridiculous belly laughing, leg slapping laughter to anything.

Through the magic of imagination, you can be or become whatever you like -- a photographer, a professional athlete, a dancer, a pilot. Whether you take hundreds of silly pictures, revel in the adulation of your fans as you make the winning catch, boogie down rock-star style in front of your bedroom mirror, or turn your desk into a cockpit, the ensuing hilarity will help you see that light-hearted fun and adulthood are not at all incompatible.

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