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About Us

We are committed to producing products using only the purest ingredients that are undeniably delicious and nutritious, ultimately creating a healthier and happier life for this beautiful community.

You can be assured our products are vegan and keto-friendly, gluten and refined sugar-free, low-carb, and made with 100% natural nutrient-dense ingredients.

We believe that our lives are better with Adaptogens. The more we learn about Fungi, the less sense it makes without it.

“This might sound like crazy talk, but once you start exploring Functional Food and Adaptogens and incorporating them into your daily life, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.”

More than likely, we have or know someone who has been stressed or is stressed at this very moment.

Adaptogens can ‘adapt’ to what our body needs and bring it back into balance. When your cortisol levels are through the roof, all your other organs in the body are being compensated and supporting you so that you don’t internally combust. By lowering your cortisol levels, you are calmer, more focused and in a much better mood throughout the day.

Sharing our knowledge on supporting your body and getting through modern-day stressors is game-changing for you and everyone around you.

You CAN be the best version of yourself and thrive rather than survive.

We promise to help you Sparkle from the inside and feel more amazing daily.

Welcome to the Tonika Tribe and explore the world of Ancient Herbs and their magical abilities to change how we live forever.

Owner & Director


Hello Beautiful People,

Thank you for supporting Tonika and becoming a part of our commitment to health.

It has always been a clear ambition of mine; “To empower, inspire and connect with people, sharing my knowledge and passion of the importance of health starting from within YOU”.

Nutrition is the foundation for how you look, feel, act, and think. Therefore my goal is to make wellness more accessible.

My beautiful Mum (Francesca) is Italian which means I have grown up in a culture where food is a big part of my family and everyday life. Cooking delicious and nourishing food from scratch means you always know what goes in it and into the bellies of your loved ones.

As time went on, I have continued to explore the link and the importance of choosing healthy and nutrient dense foods at all stages of our lives. This ignited a passion to create products with proven health benefits that can easy fit into everyone’s lives, no matter where you are on that journey.

Diving into a world of Adaptogens, Nootropics, Functional Mushrooms and Tonic Herbal combinations, I have quickly realised the amazing benefits on the body when incorporated into your lifestyle and how they can truly transform your life.

My commitment is to produce products using only the purest ingredients, that are undeniably delicious and nutritious, and ultimately to create a healthier and happy life for this beautiful community - where everyone is welcomed with open arms.

In-house Naturopath (BHSc. Nat)


Working within the health and wellness space for over 7 years, Rowena brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to the Tonika team.

With a special interest in digestive health, hormonal conditions, weight management and thyroid health it was a no brainer why we asked her to join our team.

Rowena assists in formula research and creation, as well as writing blogs for our newsletters and website - providing education and understanding around the amazing ingredients we put in our products (and bodies) and why!

Social Media Manager & Recipe Developer


A dreamer and creator at heart, and lover of all things photography, design & food - Dee, manages Tonika's social media channels, photography needs, website design & recipe creation.

Since joining the Tonika team in 2020, Dee has taken on Tonika with a full heart and treats our brand as her own.

"I'm honestly so glad I stumbled across Tonika's post for social media help on facebook. Michele is such a beautiful soul and a pleasure to work with. I have fallen in love with the Tonika range and highly recommend Tonika's range of products."