Honeycomb Creamer - Want an Energy Boost!

  • by Rowena Benbow

Our new Honeycomb Coffee Creamer plant based adaptogenic blend is all about being your best self!!

For this formula the power of adaptogens has been harnessed by Schisandra, which further to its ability to modulate physical and emotional stress and anxiety has also shown to increase athletic performance through various aspects including eliminating exhaustion and fatigue, increasing resistance to injury and modulating cortisol, blood pressure and flow.

"...modulate physical and emotional stress and anxiety..."

Schisandra is also rich in essential minerals, fatty acids and flavonoids assisting with upper respiratory tract infections, skin conditions such as allergic dermatitis and gut issues including ulcers and gastritis.

The second powerhouse adaptogen to feature in this product is Cordyceps. One of Michele’s absolute favourites and potentially the secret behind her boundless energy!

Cordyceps positively enhances physical endurance performance also through its anti-fatigue and ability to increase oxygen flow around the body. From a metabolic standpoint however, it also shines with anti-inflammatory, lipid lowering and antidiabetic effects being able to modulate insulin and promote beneficial HDL cholesterol over LDL. With insulin being a massive driver behind many female reproductive conditions this can beneficially regulate hormones and has also shown to be a tonic for reproductive and sexual function. 

And again in cahoots with Schisandra, Cordyceps supports our skin with antioxidant and anti-ageing capacity  being able to minimise damage caused by too much time out in the sun while allowing beneficial vitamin D synthesis to take place.

Chinese medicine has also used Cordyceps in the treatment of cancer due to the polyphenols present in the mushroom. Excitingly research has shown that when added to coffee this anticancer and the skin protecting antioxidant effect is magnified!

To further support metabolic health we examine the benefits of Panax ginseng. Arguably the strongest energy and cognition enhancer of all the ginsengs, it also has a beneficial effect on lipid (fat) and glucose metabolism, decreasing fasting blood sugar and also modulating insulin levels which can assist with weight loss.

"Arguably the strongest energy and cognition enhancer..."

Given recent times too we can’t look at energy without looking at immunity and this blend has you covered. The Panax ginseng modulates the immune system, especially when under stress negating the common “get sick every time you’re on holiday” syndrome. Alongside the mesquite it also brings antiviral capabilities protecting against acute respiratory illness and asthma, and antimicrobial effects against common gut infections like E. coli, Klebsiella and Listeria.

And finally, we look at liver support because if you are carrying congestion in the liver you are bound to feel sluggish. To support this, we have turmeric and He Shou Wu.

Most of us know turmeric as the master of anti-inflammatories though it is also wildly protective of our liver, supporting detoxification, bile flow and excretion of cholesterol. He Shou Wu also helps to modulate cholesterol levels, lowering triglycerides while also protecting against liver injury.

All in all this is more than just an energy booster like our tried and tested, common go-to caffeine. This adaptogenic blend is lowering inflammation, oxidation and supporting the body from a metabolic and detoxification stand point, essentially healing us from the within, harnessing our inner energetic potential so we can essentially glow.

- Rowena Benbow (In-house Naturopath)


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